Friday, September 26, 2008

In a rut, out of sorts

I was feeling out of sorts earlier yesterday, so after sending #5 to school, I went on to waste some time on my own. I spent almost 2 hours in MPH alone, reading magazines and a book called "Who Speaks for Islam?" which is actually a good read. I only read some parts and in excerpts. It seeks to clarify the incongruences between the Muslim world and the Western world, by conducting a worldwide research by means of survey and observations of a billion Muslims. The thoughts and words expressed in here are nothing WE, don't already know, but it would still be a great read for us to see how Muslims in other countries perceive things and events.

Not surprisingly, this book will prove to be a shocking revelation to the average ignorant Westerners whose source of information have been proven to be biased, fed to them by the media that seeks to justify their leader's crusade to "save" the Muslim nations from so-called oppression by imposing their flawed values in the name of bringing democracy and progression in THEIR terms. It broadens perspective, and finally brings to light an almost accurate view and representation of the Muslim population in general. I especially enjoyed the What Women Want chapter, THAT would shove some hard facts to them feminist whose adamant on putting a "victim" label on Muslim women who chose to be decent.

Anyway, I spent a few hours there reading this book and some great photography and Photoshop magazines before I was summoned to go buy something for Altec Lansing's birthday. Eventhough I decided earlier that I wouldn't need anything new for coming raya, I changed my mind anyway. I just wanted one new top to match with whatever I already have.

Yes, I am aware it's not really purple. Tapi gamba ni tipu, it's not really THAT hot pink. More like magenta or fuchsia going towards crimson. Can it!

Yeay my 1st day raya's outfit. Not blinging. Memang taklah aku nak cuba compete dengan Kelantanese girls and makciks during raya. Whoa whoa tudung dan selendang pusing-pusing sana-sini atas bawah semat pin sampai 5 sekaligus, layered and comes with shiny bling-blings whoa mata aku takleh bukak whoaaahh. Whoa baju kurung ke tu? Apsal dia ada ropol-ropol sampai macam tu wow! Eh banyaknya rantai dia tak sakit leher ke kak? Whoa bulan Ramadhan mata kau hitam ni tetiba nampak anak bulan Syawal je dia transform jadi biru eh? WHOA~ Macam pergi wedding kat hotel. There is aesthetics, and there is such a thing called over the top.

Else than that, mana tak merudum sekejap self-esteem kalau jumpa this side, all putih-putih, comey lote, pretty, demure and skinny. Seb baik la aku comel dan exotic. Wakakakaaa. Oh and yeaaah dah lama tak main bunga api and mercun sampai sakit tekak dek asap.

Hey, I wonder if we can send mercun to Aussie?

Argh random sungguh. My head's all over the place. Maybe lepas ni kena jalan-jalan lagi. Dah mula rasa drained again.

Drive by shooting

I love them electrical pylons.

Aite, picture time. Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant, TTDI. Majlis berbuka in conjunction with Miss Altec Lansing's 23rd birthday.

Couple #1 bersuap-suapan

Couple #2 ada yang merajuk ada yang gedik

Couple #3 buat-buat comel

Having a hilarious fit kerana kesengalan Altec Lansing dan bf

Miss Altec Lansing and her birthday cake

The ex-housemates
L-R: Milana, Misae, Batchick, Altec Lansing, Pourpres, Kambenk Sepet


polar bear

eh ok la color tuh. at least tadela purple je baju. hehehe.


it's still purple. to me. :p

the Constantly Dramatic One

Oy, you're damn lucky that you can wear purple you know. I <3 purple, always have tapi it looks dreadful on my skin. Just doesnt go.


Also ahahahahah!!! Paragraph pasal minah kelantan memang mahal lah! Ahahahahaha!!! I dont have a first day Ray outfit. Dah 4 tahun tak buat, main recyle jer baju tu.

I got 13 pairs of baju kurung and 5 kebaya and ada lah yang lain-lain so whats the point? Pakai jer lah. Cantik lagi.

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